Ignas Bernotas

Senior Software Engineer
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Ignas Bernotas Senior Software Engineer

I am a dedicated software enthusiast

I am a well-motivated, enthusiastic software developer with a passion for creating slick, functional software from the ground up. I built my first website at the age of 14, learning HTML and CSS in the process. Over my career I have worked with open and closed source technology – building scalable, enterprise level applications using tools such as:

NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Nginx, MongoDb, Redis, Memcached, Electron, Ionic

PHP NodeJS MySQL Linux Nginx ElasticSearch Redis Electron Vue.js React React Native

Phone: +37061559762
Email: ignas@iber.lt
Website: iber.lt
Blog: nullifer.io
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Ignas Bernotas profile picture
Vilnius, Lithuania

I'm currently looking for freelance opportunities or full-time work in the US!

Work history
Company work

Software Engineer / Team Lead – Mysterium Network

Working on P2P VPN client applications.

2018 - present

Freelance Software Engineer

My passion is building awesome software, but I'm also very interested in coaching and consultancy work. I've worked with clients around the world (schools and businesses), built projects ranging from simple websites to enterprise level applications. While working as a freelance developer, I try to exceed my client expectations in work quality and communication.

2017 - 2018

Senior Developer – Oberlo

My focus was on building the application as well as helping the developers design the system architecture and development processes.

Projects that kept me running without coffee

Main projects I worked on

  • Oberlo.com Platform for drop-shippers.
  • Zero-Downtime Migration package based on gh-ost. I've built a seamless integration into Laravel which extends the built-in migration system and allows running migrations on large production schemas via gh-ost with zero downtime. This is to be published on Github.
2016 - 2016.10

Developer – Baltic Amadeus

Projects that kept me running without coffee

Main projects I worked on

  • BComeSafe An alarm and notification system for school personnel and pupils to notify of ongoing crisis. Features real-time WebRTC based audio/video streaming, chatting, location tracking, push notifications and many more cool features.
2015 - 2016

Chief Technology Officer – Clickthroo.com

Being the co-founder and CTO at Clickthroo.com, my responsibilites ranged from managing staff to planning and building the application from the ground up. I have designed the full architecture required to run Clickthroo successfully for the past 3 years (DNS, load balancing, databases, caching).

Being the lead developer I've written thousands of lines of PHP code, tons of MySQL queries, Bash/Shell scripts, hacked the UI and made sure everything was running smoothly.

Projects that kept me running without coffee

Main projects I worked on

  • Visitor tracking platform Tracks impressions, clicks and sales, eliminates duplicates, bots, filters out untargeted countries. Tracks keywords, devices, countries and much more.
  • An extensive reporting system Allows users to easily analyze their traffic, demographic data, sales, link performance and much more on an hourly basis.
  • Auto-optimization with A/B variant testing algorithms Allows user campaigns to automatically show the most converting/clicked landing page variations.
2011 - 2014

Lead Developer – Monetise.co.uk Affiliate Network

The focus of my work was building in-house tools to remedy the complicated sides of running the network. I've built several applications to improve the company's internal workflow as well as tools for client-query solutions.

During the time I worked at Monetise I have gained an extensive knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, its internals from the business point of view, as well as the technical side.

Projects that kept me running without coffee

Main projects I worked on

  • Fraud detection tool Analyzes traffic and alerts of any fraudulent activity.
  • Conversion reversal tool Allows the network to quickly remove invalid conversions that the advertisers requested.
  • Automated invoicing system for affiliates Provides a self-billing invoice for clients of Monetise.
2011 - 2014

PHP Developer – Webtistic.co.uk Internet Marketing

While working at Webtistic Ltd. I had to build and modify client websites, fix and improve web based systems and integrate various external APIs (Facebook, Google, Zoho and many more). I worked with Wordpress, Magento, Drupal content management systems. Built internal tools that helped switch manual labour to a more automated task system.

Projects that kept me running without coffee

Main projects I worked on

  • On-Site SEO & Website performance optimization
  • Wordpress plugin development
  • API Integrations
2011 - 2014

PHP Developer – UAB Itema, Mailerlite.lt

My main roles during the employment at Itema were building client websites and their own projects using their content management system. I've built websites for an asset management company and a fishing supply store. I was one of the developers on bestweb.lt. The main project was an Email marketing tool - Mailerlite.lt. I was responsible for developing a SOAP Server/Client libraries as well as some of the core UI.

Projects that kept me running without coffee

Main projects I worked on

  • Bestweb.lt
  • Mailerlite.lt
2009 - 2010

BSc Computer Science – University of Derby

During my studies I've learned the basics about computer networks, distributed systems, software development, mobile application development, working in a team, relational and NoSQL databases. I was introduced to languages such as Java, C# and Antlr4.

2010 - 2014

Natalia's Kazakova's Computing School

Even before I had my own PC, I was keen on learning about it. I was more than addicted to computers so I've signed up to this computing school to get a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes. This is where I first learned about computer hardware, HTML and even built a few tiny programs using VisualBasic.

2003 - 2006

Jono Basanavičiaus High School

For 12 years this has been the place that taught me history, geographics, biology, chemistry, math and other necessary subjects to help me become an educated person.

1998 - 2010
My skillset
Languages I'm fluent in


I have 8 years commercial experience developing web applications using PHP. I focus on building multi-user, fast, scalable enterprise level applications. I've been around since PHP 4 and currently using PHP 7.0 in production.


MySQL has been the first choice for a RDBMS for about 6 years. I've dealt with tables of up to 100M rows, optimized, normalized, denormalized schemas, set up replications. I've done everything from query writing to installing MySQL servers on production environments.

Javascript / Node.js

I've used Javascript for the past 4 years. I started off writing simple snippets such as dropdown menu's and now I build modules and single page apps. I love ES6 (and Webpack!) and Node.js which is more commonly my choice for new projects.

Experience in years
8 Years
7 Years
Object Oriented Programming
5 Years
MVC Frameworks
5 Years
2 Years
4 Years/1 Year
Frameworks & Tools

PHP Frameworks

  • Laravel 5.3
  • PhalconPHP
  • Zend Framework
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter

Database Engines

  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Percona Server
  • Redis

Front-End Frameworks

  • Semantic UI
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Ionic Framework

Javascript Frameworks

  • Vue.js
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • EmberJS
  • BackboneJS
  • UnderscoreJS
Other Tools & Languages

I love trying out new tools/languages/frameworks even if I don't have a particular task to use them on. I often spend my personal time, learning and expanding my skills within and outside of web development. I've done countless mini projects to try things out, I've built simple Android apps, wrote an NFC to Carambola data transmitter in Python, built a Chrome extension that tracks time spent on pages using SailsJS and MongoDB and many other side projects that were never published.

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What my employers and clients say about me

It's been a pleasure working with Ignas for the past 4 years, he's extremely reliable, efficient and a really pleasant person to work with.

Dave Bird, Managing Director at Webtistic Ltd.

Ignas has always fixed things before we even knew they were broken. He's tought us a lot about the technical side of our business in words that were clearly understandable to non-IT staff.

James Anderson, Managing Director at Monetise Ltd.

Ignas has shown to be a true professional. All communication and quality of his services were invaluable. Not only he solved our problems, but also prepared us for possible future improvements.

Andrius Marcinkevičius, IT manager at Mealdeal.lt

Ingrida Imbrasaitė, Executive Director at UAB FiatLux
I'm currently looking for freelance opportunities or full-time work in the US!